Our Process

Get Organized

We know you’re busy and that organizing financial data is not at the top of your priority list. Just bring in your documents and files you have on hand and we’ll sort through everything together. Whether you work better on paper or online, we can compile a clear picture of your current financial standing.

Define Your Goals

With insight into your current financial position, it’s time to talk about the big picture and plan your finances accordingly. Working as a team, our trusted advisors will identify your financial and retirement goals, discuss what is realistically attainable, and run through various scenarios for accomplishing these objectives.

Formulate Strategies and Tactics

While you ponder the future, our financial advisors will be formalizing specific recommendations to help you realize those dreams. Our financial planning work is comprehensive, objective, and tailored to you.

Create and Implement Plan

It’s time to review our recommendations and agree on an action plan. We outline the steps and guide you through the process, explaining our proposed course of action in plain language so you have a comprehensive understanding of your new financial plan.

Monitor and Recalibrate

Even the best-laid plans are subject to change and require flexibility. You keep us up to speed on life events that impact your plan, like a change in career or inheritance. We keep you up to date on your financial position, which includes scrutinizing external factors like the ever-changing market and economy and future financial planning so you stay on target to meet your financial goals.